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Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

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ConveyThis Translate Extension has been recently approved for Joomla directory and is now live on

ConveyThis becomes more popular every day. We have just started with Joomla, but on WordPress our plugin has already found it’s dedicated audience and continues to grow. We are very proud that we have finally overcome this landmark and are listed on two of the most popular website builders, but this was just the beginning of our journey. We are currently working on the apps for Shopify and BigCommers and they are about to be revealed as well.

What are the benefits of using ConveyThis with Joomla and what makes it standapart from all the others?

ConveyThis for Joomla platform is an ultimate translation solution with all its latest improvements. When ConveyThis had just started and was published on WordPress, it had half of the functions that it has right now. All the functions available on WordPress are also available on Joomla (i.e complete button customization, “hreflang” tags added, language-flag pair customization added, the improved translation technology).

This is the reason why we have already started to get first signups and requests for personal assistance. We are not waiting for other translation solutions to be developed and become more user-friendly than ConveyThis, we’re improving it all the time and implementing user feedback based off best practices into the functionality of our translation solution.

So if you are the proud owner of Joomla website, go to the integration page and learn step by step how to add ConveyThis to your website.




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