Weglot Competitors and Alternatives?

When you are in a process of choosing the right website language switcher, you might have stumbled on Weglot Translate. In this article, we are comparing ConveyThis with Weglot and draw the conclusions.

Interested to find out which language plugin is better for your website? Then continue reading!

Price and Plans

ConveyThis beats Weglot in every service category whether it is a Business plan, a Pro plan or Pro+ plan (Advanced). The monthly prices of ConveyThis are 50% lower than Weglot’s if currency is US dollars, and even lower if the currency is Euro. For as little as € 8/month you can launch your website in the business version and enjoy a robust level of features.


Both services are the same. The only difference is that ConveyThis offers more words on the Free plan.

ConveyThis offers 2,500 words on the free plan, while Weglot offers only 2,000 words.


The number of languages are different at each service plan. However, ConveyThis offers more languages in every plan than Weglot.


Business Plan

Pro Plan

Pro+ Plan (Advanced)


3 Languages

6 Languages

10 Languages


3 Languages

5 Languages

10 Languages


Both language companies offer the comparable level of features and perks.


ConveyThis is a winner in price, words and language categories.