Breaking $1000 MRR Sweat – The True Success Story

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I’ve been building lots of startups over my 17 years of entrepreneurial life. Those were online job boards, dating sites, car noise soundproofing companies, freelance marketplaces and so on. Most of these were flops. They seemed like great ideas, but either they could be hard to get into (like job boards and dating sites) or no market potential (like car soundproofing).

However, our baby proved to be the other story. We’ve launched the startup 18 months ago and it steadily grew from $0 MRR into $1000. The journey that wasn’t quick, but was surely fun and advantageous. Last year, I’ve spent a lot of energy on WordCamps, sponsoring Moscow, Montreal, Arizona, New York. As a result, learning that WordPress is a hard to monetize community, despite being the largest. There are tons of incumbents that we fight with and their names I won’t disclose. I don’t want to give them any credit!

Screen Shot 2019 08 28 at 4.00.57 PM

I am proud to hit a new milestone. We all are. And this blog post signifies that achievement and sets the course on the new target: $1500 in the next two months!

So, by the time when I fly to St. Louis for US WordCamp on Novermber 1st, we will be able to achieve that goal! How else is going to be there?



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