April’s Fools Day in New York City During Coronavirus

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Conveythis demo
April Fools Day During Coronavirus

What it’s like being in New York and going to work during #coronavirus on April’s 1st? The American Entrepreneur’s vlog. Reviewing the book: “Marketing Warfare” #marketingwarfare

On my way to the office, I feel quite happy despite the epidemic. We are turning into a $4,000 MRR company, the product we lauched in 2018 that grew organically into a company by itself. No one thought we could do it. Even the IT guy who coded it. Bummer!

Being positive is really important. The news we hear every day are depressing. There are people dying out there. It’s awful. You feel powerless and afraid. But our entrepreneurial spirit is always high. We believe that we can wither the storm and emerge as a leading software company kneeling down our competitors. It’s not the question of when. It’s the question of eventually. Eventually we will win. That’s the Stockdale Paradox if you know what I am talking about!



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